Losing or retaining Swedish Citizenship

If you were born and still reside abroad, there are some circumstances under which you may lose your Swedish citizenship when you turn 22. 

You will lose your Swedish citizenship when you reach the age of 22, if you:

  • were born outside of Sweden
  • have never lived here and
  • have not visited Sweden in circumstances which indicate an attachment to the country.

Note that you will not lose your Swedish citizenship if this would cause you to become stateless.

To avoid losing your Swedish citizenship, you can apply to retain it. You must do so after you have turned 18 but before turning 22. You do not need to make such an application if, at any time, you have been residing in Sweden or if you have visited Sweden regularly . However, it is very useful to apply to retain your Swedish citizenship even if you have visited Sweden regularly as this certificate of retention of citizenship will be necessary to present in connection with future passport applications.

To apply, complete the form Application to retain Swedish citizenship (Ansökan om att behålla svenskt medborgarskap), no. 3302021 and submit to any Swedish Consulate or Embassy. 

Further information is available at the Swedish Migration Board's website.