Passport Applications

Swedish citizens can apply for a regular passport at the Consulate General of Sweden in San Francisco on certain dates through a mobile passport service. The Consulate General in San Francisco can issue temporary passports with a shorter validity.

Detailed information on how to apply for a Swedish Passport valid for five years can be found on the website of
The Embassy of Sweden in Washington D.C.

More information about the mobile passport service at the Consulate General in San Francisco.

To apply for a temporary passport in San Francisco, please bring the following documents:

  • The old passport, valid or expired. If your passport expired more than three months ago, you need to bring a copy of your population registration record, available from the local tax office where you were most recently registered.

  • Original documentation proving U.S. resident status (valid visa or green card) or U.S. citizenship (naturalization certificate and U.S. passport), or notarized copy of same if applicable. 

  • If the applicant became a U.S. citizen before July 1, 2001, documentation from the Swedish Migration Board must be provided to certify that he or she has regained Swedish citizenship.

  • 2 passport photos taken straight ahead with a light background and a neutral facial expression.

  • Application fee of $190 (cash or moneyorder only). 

  • A temporary passport is only valid for a short period of time and for one return trip only. The passport should be issued as close to the departure date as possible and all destinations and stops need to be included.

If the applicant is a minor:

The child applicant must be accompanied by a legal guardian and in addition bring the following when applying for a temporary passport:

  • Written consent of both legal guardians, on a separate authorization form (Guardian Certificate), signed prior to visiting the Consulate.

  • Passports (or other valid photo ID with a clearly visible signature) of both legal guardians, or a notarized copy of same.

  • If legal custody has been granted to one parent or to another person, legal proof of guardianship must be submitted with the application.

Please contact the Consulate General if it is a first-time passport application for a child. 

Please note that the applicant has to provide information about what countries he or she will visit when travelling as this information will be included in the temporary passport. 

For further information about temporary passports, please visit the website of the Swedish police: