In the Event of a Catastrophe

A catastrophe has occurred. You need help. What can the Swedish Consulate do for Swedish citizens in a crisis situation such as a natural catastrophe or a tragedy brought on by humans?

The foremost authority to help you at this time is your local emergency agency. The Swedish Consulate in San Francisco will follow the directives given by the American authorities:

Department of Emergency Management
Division of Emergency Service
1011 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Tel: 415-558 3800
Fax: 415-558 3843

If a catastrophe has occurred, Swedish citizens can call the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, DC at (202) 467-2600.


There are a number of websites which will help you prepare for emergencies: – From the Department of Homeland Security, information on preparing for biological, chemical, and other types of threats.

The American Red Cross - Information on what to do, what could happen, what "shelter-in-place" means. Information in multiple languages.

Check local media outlets for the most immediate coverage of rapidly changing events:


KQED Public Media for Northern California 88.5 FM San Francisco 89.3 FM Sacramento

For more information, visit the website of the Embassy of Sweden in Washington: