Work in Sweden - EU/EEA citizens

EU/EEA citizens have the right to work and live in Sweden provided they are able to support themselves, either by work or by other independent means. If you work, study or have sufficient means to support yourself, you automatically have right of residence in Sweden and therefore need not register with or apply for a residence permit at the Swedish Migration Board. After five years you can receive permanent right of residence.

For detailed information on rules and how to register see the website of the Swedish Migration Agency

Swedish ID number

Once you have moved to Sweden and intend to live there for a year or more, in most cases you are required to register with the Swedish Population Register. The Register is managed by the Swedish Tax Agency. When you register you will get an ID number, which is a necessary part of daily life in Sweden as it is used in all transactions with authorities, shops, estate agents, banks etc. Registration at the Population Register can only be done after you have moved to Sweden.

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Population registration in Sweden

Finding a job and working

The website of the Swedish Labour Market Board contains useful information on how to find work in Sweden and the website Business Sweden has a number of fact sheets on working, taxes, starting a business and working as a self employed person.

Swedish Public Employment Service

Business Sweden

Swedish Taxes

Information on Swedish taxes can be found on the website of the Swedish Tax Agency

General Information

Information on moving to Sweden, learning Swedish, health care, social insurance, education, culture, buying a property, driving in Sweden, taking your car and pet to Sweden and much more can be found on:

Live in Sweden