The Embassy

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Sweden has had diplomatic relations with North Korea since 1973 and has maintained an embassy there since 1975. Until 2001, Sweden was the only western country with diplomatic representation in the country dating back to the 1970s. Seven EU countries now have embassies in the capital Pyongyang, including the UK and Germany.

Sweden seeks to help increase openness

In recent years, partly as a result of its presence in the country, Sweden has sought to help achieve greater openness in North Korea and a gradual integration of the country into the international community. Sweden advocates long-term engagement with North Korea, with dialogue and cooperation in various sectors. Since the famine in the mid-1990s, Sweden has given extensive humanitarian aid to the country, channelled through UN bodies and NGOs.

Sweden - assisting others in North Korea

Sweden provides different services for a number of foreign countries in North Korea. In particular, Sweden functions as Protective Power for the United States, Australia and Canada, including consular responsibility for citizens. The Embassy further has consular responsibility for all Nordic citizens, and handles Schengen visa applications on behalf of Italy, Spain and the Nordic countries.