Brucebo and W.B. Bruce Fine Art Scholarships for Canadian Artists

Since 1972, the Brucebo Fine Art Scholarship Foundation of Gotland, Sweden has offered a fine art residency scholarship to a younger, talented Canadian artist preferably a painter, thus providing an inspiring study/work stay in northern Europe on the island of Gotland located in the Baltic Sea.  This scholarship harkens back to the post-impressionist era in Europe, the 1880’s, a time when Paris was the world center of artistic creativity. Two young artists, Caroline Benedicks of Sweden and William Blair Bruce of Hamilton, Canada, meet in Paris, marry and after many years on the European continent, settle on historic Gotland Island, a Swedish outpost approximately equidistant between the Swedish mainland and the Baltic state of Latvia.

With the untimely death of William, 1906, and that of Caroline,1935, the estate, in the early 70’s, created the Brucebo Fine Art (Scholarship) Foundation, an organization  promoting island-based cultural history and fine art. To commemorate the unique Swedish-Canadian link of Caroline’s and William’s marriage  and impressive artistry, two annual fine art scholarships for younger, professional Canadian artists were established :  The Brucebo Fine Art Summer Residency Scholarship and The William Blair Bruce European Fine Art Travel Scholarship.

The residency scholarship funds a three months’ working residency - starting June 1 - at the Brucebo studio cottage, Skälsö fishing village, 7 km. north of the Hanseatic and Medieval City of Visby.  The scholarship covers transport expenses Canada-Gotland, return, the use of the studio cottage, a monthly food stipend plus a small equipment grant. Total value, SEK. 30,000 - plus. Upon leaving the island, the artist is requested to deposit two examples of her/his art works made during their summer residency with the Canadian Collection at the Gotland Fine Art Museum. Over the years, this museum has built up a fine collection of contemporary Canadian art.

The William Blair Bruce Travel finances a European research trip, to be undertaken in the fall or winter. The tour is based on an approved Fine Art related investigative project. Total value: SEK.30.000:- plus. As a final part of the Bruce Travel Scholarship, the recipient must visit Stockholm and Visby. While in Visby she/he will give a public lecture, sponsored by the Brucebo Fine Art Scholarship Foundation, on the investigative theme pursued during his/her recent European travel.

One final obligation rests with the scholarship recipients:  in order to have their final grant installment (amounting to 10% of SEK.30.000:-  both grant recipients must prepare and submit an individual report to the Chair, Brucebo Evaluation Committee not later than two months after their return to Canada. The  scholarships are administered by Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Art, Associate Dean’s Office, Montreal.

Chair, Brucebo Fine Art Evaluation Committee.

NOTE: for the application form please check the Brucebo home page.  

* Please note the deadline for applications is January 31 each year

Please contact:
Dr. Jan O. Lundgren
Liaison Officer in Canada for the Brucebo Foundation,
c/o Geography Dept.
McGill University
805 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Que. Canada H3A 2K6
Email: (jan.lundgren
Tel: (450) 672-6096
 Fax: 514-398-7437