General Information Regarding Passport and National ID-Card Application

Sweden has a new passport law as of April 15, 2016. The changes are: - Swedish citizens may only be issued three regular passports during a 5-year period - A regular passport will be cancelled when an emergency passport is issued - The validity of passports issued to children under 12 has been lowered from 5 to 3 years

Since October 1, 2005, Swedish travel documents are issued in compliance with the requirements in the EU regulation regarding passport security and biometrics. These passports and ID-cards cards have a computer chip which stores the holder's personal data and photograph.

The police in Sweden use digital photo stations to photograph everyone who applies for a passport or identity card. At a border checkpoint, a snapshot of the passport holder can be instantly compared to the photo on the chip. The aim is to ensure that the person using the passport and the person in the passport photo are one and the same.

For that same reason, a photo station has been installed at the Embassy of Sweden in Ottawa to photograph all passport applicants. These photos replace those previously provided by the applicants themselves.
The validity period of passports and ID-cards is 5 years for adults and children over 12 years of age. Passports for children under 12 are valid for 3 years.

How to apply for a passport/national ID-card

The Embassy of Sweden in Ottawa is the only Swedish passport authority in Canada. Applications may no longer be submitted at the honorary consulates in Canada.

All passport applicants must apply in person at the Embassy in Ottawa, by appointment only.

Change of name

Any name change has to be registered by the Swedish Tax Authority before applying for a new passport. A change of name cannot be done at the time of applying for a new passport. Please see Change of Name for more details.

Children born abroad

Children born abroad must first be added to the national population registry and obtain a coordination number (samordningsnummer) in order to apply for a passport or national ID-card. See Registration of Name and Coordination Number for more details.

Alternatives for Swedish citizens residing abroad

  • In Sweden
    The quickest and least expensive way is to apply while visiting Sweden. The fee is SEK350 for a passport and SEK400 for an ID-card. For passport office locations, see Please contact the passport office you plan to visit to find out if an appointment is required and whether they require other documents in addition to those listed on our website. Normally, you can pick up a new passport or identity card within a week. It is also possible to collect your completed travel document at an embassy or consulate of your choice, although this takes longer and involves an extra cost to be paid when you pick up the passport.

  • At an embassy abroad
    Passports and national ID-cards can also be applied for at Swedish embassies around the world. The travel document can be picked up at any passport office in Sweden or at an embassy or consulate abroad.

  • US Mobile Passport Station
    The service of a mobile passport station for regular passports enables Swedish citizens to apply for passports at a number of Swedish Honorary Consulates in the USA. The 2016 schedule is available below. Please contact the nearest USA Honorary Consulate to make an appointment and to obtain payment information. Note that the number of applications at each location is limited.
    Mobile passport station for 2017

  • The completed passport

    It takes approximately 1-3 weeks from the time of application for the passport to arrive at the Embassy. You can collect it at any of our Consulates at an additional cost (delivery fee and a courier charge).

Emergency passport

The Embassy in Ottawa and the Consulates in Montreal and Vancouver can issue emergency passports for imminent travel, valid for one journey, normally back to Sweden.

You will have to show why you need an emergency passport by showing a ticket or other documantation taht confirm your trip.

Our other Consulates can accept applications for emergency passports to be issued by the Embassy. If the emergency passport is approved and once it has been issued, you may collect it at the Consulate where you applied.

For the Consulates’ opening hours, please see here:

It is your responsibility to ensure that the country you are travelling to accepts a handwritten Swedish A4 page emergency passport and also the required validity of the passport. This information can be obtained by contacting the respective embassy or consulate.

Children less than 18 years of age are required to have a guardian present at the time of application.

Lost and found passports and national ID cards

If you lose your passport or national ID card you must report it to the local police and to the Embassy so that we can cancel it. 

If you find you old passport or ID card, it is important that you notify the Embassy or Swedish police. If you have obtained a new passport or national ID card, you are obligated to hand in the old one for cancellation. The old travel document may under no circumstances be used.

Swedish police:


We accept payment by cash or credit card, see Fee List.

Required Documents for All Applicants

All applicants for passports or national identity cards must provide proof of identity, as well as proof of Swedish citizenship.