Swedish azz at Ottawa Jazz Festival

Mats Gustafsson - saxophones and live-electronics
Per-Åke Holmlander - tuba, cimbasso
Kjell Nordeson - vibraphone
tjuv 13 - turntables and electronics
Erik Carlsson - drums

Baritone saxophonist and live-electronics manipulator Mats Gustafsson and tuba player Per Åke Holmlander formed Swedish AZZ in 2009 with the goal of channelling the rich history of Swedish jazz that stretches back to the 1950s. Drawing heavily on Swedish folk traditions and melodics, Swedish jazz artists of the early period reinterpreted the sounds of their country through the new sonic palate introduced to them through American West Coast jazz. Today, many of those hybrid sounds have been lost or forgotten. It is the goal of Swedish AZZ not just to revive and appreciate them, but to open them anew to experimentation and rebirth. Thus, the ancient melodies of Swedish folk travel first through the jazz of the 1950s and then into the eclectic possibility of the contemporary, where they are exposed to free improvisation, live electronics, and turntablism, melding the age-old past and the recent past with the very thriving present.


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