Ruben Östlund Film Retrospective: In Case of No Emergency - Ottawa

Screenings times:
PLAY - March 21 – 6:30 pm
Force Majeure - March 21 – 9 pm
Involuntary March 28 – 7 pm
The Guitar Mongoloid March 28 – 9pm

Tickets available at the door or online via the Canadian Film Institute website.

Location:  the River Building Theatre, Carleton University.

A sly, trenchant observer of human behavior under duress, the Swedish director Ruben Östlund is quickly emerging as one of world cinema’s most distinctive voices, equal parts satirist and sociologist. Östlund, who began his career in the 1990s directing skiing films, has for the past decade been collecting prizes at major festivals, including Cannes, where his latest, the widely acclaimed Force Majeure, took the Grand Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard competition. Two of his four features have been chosen as the official Swedish Oscar entry: 2008’s Involuntary and now Force Majeure this year. In Östlund’s bracing, darkly funny movies, modern life takes shape as a series of simultaneously devastating and absurd crises, no less real for being imagined, and the civilized veneer of Western bourgeois society barely conceals all manner of foibles and prejudices. His deconstructions of ego and privilege are elegant provocations, designed to defy easy identification and, in his words, “make the audience take a moral stand on its own.”

About use of the word "mongoloid" in the title The Guitar Mongoloid, last film in the retrospective
The term mongoloid is an outdated term once used by physicians to describe persons with Down syndrome. Its use remains controversial and is considered offensive to both the Down syndrome and Mongolian communities. The director of the film has  acknowledged that the title – which is supposed to reflect Swedish youth slang of the last decade – is controversial to many people and that he would have chosen another title if the film was made today.