Hot Docs Toronto - Swedish Film: Pervert Park

The Canadian International Documentary Festival, Hot Docs, runs April 23 until May 3 in Toronto. Three Swedish films will be shown, among them Pervert Park.

In many American states, sex offenders, upon their release from prison, are not permitted to live within 1,000 feet of places frequented by children. Florida Justice Transitions is a trailer park that is home to 120 such convicts—men and women no one wants as neighbours. Awarded a Special Jury Prize for Impact at the Sundance Film Festival, Pervert Park presents a frank look at the people whose crimes against children erode the very principle of just punishment, yet who must now literally find a place to exist. Not an exercise in sympathy or exploitation, this gripping film confronts the increasingly problematic methods of identifying and prosecuting sexual predators, and bravely engages the most taboo issue: the inevitability of reintegrating them into society. Through confessional interviews, offenders open up about their crimes, often for the first time in their lives. While the predatory and cyclical nature of sexual abuse becomes clear, what also emerges is an urgent social crisis few wish to acknowledge, let alone confront. (Myrocia Watamaniuk)

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