Hot Docs Toronto - Swedish Film: Foodies

The Canadian International Documentary Festival, Hot Docs, runs April 23 until May 3 in Toronto. Three Swedish films will be shown, among them Foodies.

Mouthwateringly delicious and aesthetically pleasing cuisine is the passionate mission for an eclectic group of globetrotting culinary bloggers who are changing the critical landscape of the food world. Each with more than 100,000 followers, restaurant reviews have been taken over by this new crop of jet-setters who can make or break a restaurant with a single post. This has led some of the world’s best known chefs to ask, “Who are these supposed expert epicureans?” Meet the individuals behind Andy Hayler’s Restaurant Guide, The Skinny Bib, K’s Luxe Dining Table, Opinionated About Dining and Luxeat as they travel from ends of the earth to eat at, talk about and write up the best of the best restaurants. All of them follow a particular path to the three-star Michelin restaurants, where they review the food for their own popular blogs. Entering the hearts and minds of these singular food lovers with big appetites, Foodies takes a humourous and fascinating look at a subculture obsessed with deliciously inventive cuisines. (Kathleen Mullen)
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