Hot Docs Toronto - Swedish Film: Blood Sisters

The Canadian International Documentary Festival, Hot Docs, runs April 23 until May 3 in Toronto. Three Swedish films will be shown, among them Blood Sisters.

Twins Julia and Johanna arrive in Malmö, Sweden, from Azerbaijan, carrying unspeakable emotional baggage. The inseparable sisters curl up beside each other at night, trying to fend off nightmares of abduction and abuse. They are survivors who have an unbreakable bond that transcends trauma, and a striking symbiosis that is beyond supportive. The siblings promise to always be there for one another, to never let anyone own them, and ink their intentions as tattoos. But when Julia decides to get married, one vow severs another and the young women fall out of copacetic communication. Their separation brings the past vividly back into the present and forces them to confront questions about who they are without the other. Are Johanna and Julia stronger together or apart? Blood Sisters is exceedingly successful at portraying the sisters’ inner lives—their intimacy and isolation, their strength and shame—through sublime cinematography that completely immerses the audience in the twin connection. (Angie Driscoll)

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