FILM: "Underdog" at Ottawa EU Film Festival in December 2

The European Union Film Festival (EUFF) is an annual showcase of the best of contemporary cinema produced in the European Union. From November 11 to December 4 over the span of four weekends you can see a wide selection of award-winning films from the Festival circuit, never-before-seen in the capital city. Sweden’s contribution is the movie "Underdog", from writer/director Ronnie Sandahl. It's an unexpected love story set against the backdrop of a new Scandinavian reality.

Dino, a young Swedish girl, has fled the Swedish mass unemployment for a new life in Oslo. But like many other young immigrant Swedes she finds herself an outcast and surviving on little money, irregular work and hard partying. When she lands work as a housekeeper in an upper middle-class Norwegian house she is thrown into a life very far from her own. And during a few summer weeks, the family father Steffen and his teenage daughter Ida find themselves competing in a way nobody could have predicted.

What: Swedish movie "Underdog" at EUFF
When: Friday, December 2 @8.45pm
Where: Carleton University River Building Theatre, 3rd floor

Tickets, more info and full line-up, here