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Three Swedish films will be screened during Hot Docs film festival in Toronto between April 27 th – May 7 th .

Loving Lorna is about a young redhead who rides her horse along the green lawns and grey housing complexes of an impoverished Irish suburb, where horses have been an important part of the community’s culture for generations. Proud and strong-willed, Lorna has long set her heart on becoming a farrier, a traditionally male job. Loving Lorna is a tender and lucid coming-of-age story, in the best tradition of British social realism.

Friday, April 28:                           3:30 pm, Scotiabank Theatre 4
Saturday, April 29:                     12:45 pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox 2
Sunday, May 7:                           1:15 pm, Scotiabank Theatre 3


The Monster is about Elena who as a child had a fascination with the blood and gore of splatter movies. As she matured, this bloodlust became her dark and dirty little secret. We join her on a journey of discovery and awakening as she tries to come to terms with her very particular tastes.

Monday, May 1:                         6:00 pm, Innis Town Hall
Tuesday, May 2:                         3:30 pm, Scotiabank Theatre 7


A Bastard Child takes place in the early 20th century Sweden, where an unmarried woman gives birth to a baby girl, a great shame to her family and the conservative mores of the time. Labelled a whore, she is forced to place her “bastard” in various shelters, foster families and orphanages. Like a real-life version of a Charles Dickens novel, this is the moving childhood story and a striking reminder that society always feels the need to create outcasts as a way of uniting its members.

Friday, April 28:                           9:15 pm, Scotiabank Theatre 7
Sunday, April 30:                        3:45 pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox 4
Sunday, May 7:                           3:30 pm, Scotiabank Theatre 7


Price $15 without membership card

More information at hot docs website