Study Swedish Language and Culture in Canada

Two universities in Canda offer Scandinavian studies, which include language and culture studies.

Scandinavian Studies at the University of British Columbia

The Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies now offers a Minor in
Scandinavian Studies made up of a lower-level language studies in Swedish or Danish and upper-level studies in Scandinavian literature and culture.

All students must complete 12 credits of lower-level language instruction and 18 credits of upper-level literature and culture courses. The literature and culture courses are taught
in English.

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Scandinavian Studies at the University of Alberta

University of Alberta is the only university in Canada offering a degree program in
Scandinavian Studies.

The Scandinavian Studies program not only provides an academic opportunity to develop knowledge of Scandinavian culture, but it is also an opportunity for anyone of Scandinavian origin who wants to learn more about their heritage. In addition, programs like this give students an unparalleled advantage in today’s globally interdependent job market, preparing them for competitive opportunities in international fields.

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