Team Sweden - providing efficient export support

  • Team Sweden

    Team Sweden Photo: Simon Paulin

Team Sweden stands ready to help businesses. It is an umbrella made up of public authorities, government agencies and companies that all work to promote Swedish exports abroad.

“Swedish export creates growth, jobs and increased welfare for our country. I am very pleased to acknowledge that the export is gaining ground and act as a locomotive for the Swedish economy. This is why the government has established the Swedish export strategy and allocated funds for its implementation"

"When Swedish companies enters an international market they can find help and support in many different ways, including financing, advisory services and marketing. However the coordination of this support could be improved and therefore we have launched “Team Sweden”. By working together in Team Sweden we can create better conditions for Swedish companies to dare take the leap and establish themselves in an export market. “

Mikael Damberg, Minister for Enterprise and Innovation

What is Team Sweden?

Team Sweden will help make entry into the export market clear and simple for interested Swedish companies. It’s a way for the Government to make use of coordinated and effective export support to help businesses that want to set up operations abroad.

Another task for Team Sweden is to regularly evaluate public promotion activities so that the most effective methods are always chosen.


• exchange experiences on different promotion activities;
• identify Swedish solutions and systems that can be marketed internationally;
• recommend and coordinate special measures; and
• conduct an ongoing dialogue with the business sector

Abroad, there are local Team Sweden groups led by Sweden’s ambassa­dors around the world. Swedish promotion organisations on the ground in each country also participate in these local teams. Examples include Business Sweden, Visit Sweden, local Swedish business associations and chambers of commerce.