Sustainable Sweden

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    Blueberry picking. Photo: Måns Fornander/

The Government of Sweden works to ensure sustainable development. The riches of nature must be used in a way that will enable us to hand over a world in balance to our children and grandchildren. Priority areas for the Government's environmental policy are measures to tackle climate change and to preserve biological diversity, as well as efforts to ensure a non-toxic environment and to safeguard the Baltic and the Skagerrak and Kattegat as living seas. Market economy institutions, economic instruments, and research and new technology are important tools in the work of the Ministry.

Chemicals Policy
If chemicals are not handled safely, they risk damaging both human health and the environment.

Climate Policy
The climate problem and ongoing climate change.

Ecocycle Policy
Ecologically sound waste management is an important component.

Environmental Quality Objectives
The Swedish Government has formulated 16 Environmental Quality Objectives.

Environmental Legislation
The fundamental rules of the Environment Code apply, in principle, to all human activity that may harm the environment.

Environment and Health
The concept of environment and health refers to environmentally related ill-health or health.

EU and International Co-operation
To protect and improve the environment and thereby people's quality of life, the countries of the world are working together within the UN, the EU, and many other organizations.

Housing and Construction
Housing is of central importance to everyone, as it forms a platform both for people's own private sphere and for social and occupational health.

Nature Conservation and Biological Diversity
During the past decade, biodiversity conservation has been given a prominent place in nature conservation work. Nature conservation interacts with other policy areas in various ways.

Sustainable Development
Strategies for the sustainable development of society have become more important in Swedish policy in recent years.

Water and Seas
Many of Swedens coastal and sea areas are strongly affected by pollution, overfishing and physical exploitation. A new unified EU directive for water is intended make work to protect Europes water more effective.