About Cyprus

Country facts

Official name: Republic of Cyprus (Kypriaki Dimokratia/

Kibris Cumhuriyeti)

Capital: Nicosia 

Languages: Greek and Turkish. English is most commonly used at official occasions and events.

Geographical size: 9251 km2[1] 

Population: 1 221 549 (2017) [2] 

Religion: Greek-orthodox [3] 

Government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic 

Chief of state: Nicos Anastasiades[4] 

Head of government: Nicos Anastasiades[5]

Governing party: Conservative DISY

Parliament: Kypriaki Vouli, 1 chamber, 56 seats [6]

Political parties in parliament: Conservative DISY (18), Leftist party AKEL (16), Centre party DIKO (9), Social democratic EDEK (3), KA(3), SYPOL (3), The Green Party (2), ELAM (2) [7]

Last election(s): Presidential election last held in 2013, parliamentary election in 2016 [8]

Upcoming election(s): Presidential election in 2018, parliamentary election in 2021 [9]

Currency: Euro [10]

GDP: 19,802 billion euro (2016) [11]

Important trading partners: Greece and The United Kingdom

Important export commodities: Important commodities are primarily centered on industry i.e. cement and clothing. In addition, agricultural products (citrus fruits and potatoes) and pharmaceuticals are essential for the country’s export sector.

Growth: 2, 8% (2016)

Inflation: -1.2% (2016)

Budget deficit: -1, 1% of GDP (2016)

Public debt: 107, 8% of GDP (2016)

Trade balance: 0.0 billion euro (2016)

Unemployment: 13.3% (June 2017)

Energy sources: The Republic of Cyprus has been and is dependent upon importing its energy from overseas. Its energy sector is heavily revolved around oil which stands for 96 % of the total energy mix. Solar and wind energy therefore make up a very small fraction of Cyprus energy supply.

Recent years has seen the discovery of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean, some of which are located within Cyprus exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Initial test-drillings have commenced after which results are expected to be presented in 2017-2018.   

[1] Indicates total geographical area of which 3,555 km2 are in the northern part of Cyprus

[2] Indicates total population of which 300.000 live in the northern part of Cyprus

[3] Sunni-Muslims in the northern part of Cyprus 

[4] Mustafa Akinci is the incumbent “president” of the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)

[5] Hüseyin Özgürgün is the incumbent “prime minister” of the self-declared TRNC

[6]” Cumhuriyet Meclisi” is the name of the unicameral “legislative body” in the self-declared TRNC

[7] Sitting parties in the Cumhuriyet Meclisi are the following:  Republican CTP-BG (21), National Unity Party UBP (14), Democratic Party (12), Communal Democracy Party TDP (3) United Cyprus BKP (-)

[8] Latest parliamentary elections in TRNC took place 2013 (see above for number of allocated seats won by each party).

[9] Next TRNC parliamentary election is set to be held in 2018

[10] Turkish Lira is the ”official” currency of the TRNC although Euro is accepted in most places.

[11] Indicates the GDP of The Republic of Cyprus, 2016. Estimated GDP for TRNC in 2014 is within the range of three billion euros.