Moving to Sweden - Online Application Process

You may apply online for a residence permit through the Migration Agency’s website. You may not apply for a residence- or work permit at the Consulate General of Sweden in New York.

The transfer of documents will be done electronically, which will reduce the processing time and simplify handling at missions abroad. The average waiting time is listed on the Migration Agency's website and is continuously updated. It is considerably faster to apply online.

Who can use the electronic application system?

In order to be able to use the online application, you must:
• be able to claim connections on the basis of a newly-formed relationship, an established relationship or being of a joint household
• be at least 18 years old and possess a valid national passport.

The reference person must:
• be a Swedish citizen or have been granted a permanent residence permit in Sweden be at least 18 years of age.

How to apply

In order to apply electronically, you need to:
• complete the application form
• attach all of the necessary documents
• pay the application fee via the internet and
• submit the application electronically to the Swedish Migration Agency.

Please submit the application electronically through the Migration Agency's website

When the Migration Agency receives the application, it sends an e-mail to the reference person in Sweden containing instructions on how he or she should log in and respond to a questionnaire. The Swedish Migration Agency begins the process when it receives the application and the reference person's completed questionnaire.

• The Migration Board then invites you to book an appointment for an interview at the nearest Swedish embassy/consulate abroad. Please note that you cannot request an interview at the Consulate General in New York; we no longer handle migration matters.  You will need to schedule your interview at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC, or at one of the honorary consulates in the area.

• The Embassy/Consulate checks all documents and conducts an interview with the applicant. After the interview, a report is submitted to the Migration Agency, via the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC, and a decision is then made by the Migration Agency.

• Residence permit stickers are no longer issued in passports. Instead, a residence permit card is issued to applicants whose applications have been approved. However, all applicants must apply for the card, which is the second step in the process of applying for a residence permit for Sweden.

• Biometric information (digital photo and fingerprints) is necessary in order to issue a residence permit card. Only the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC is equipped to collect this biometric information here in the United States. Furthermore, applicants who do not require visas to travel to Sweden, e.g. US citizens, may travel to Sweden using their national passports and the approval notice from the Migration Agency – without being in possession of, or having applied for, a residence permit card. Please note – you may not travel to Sweden until you have received an approval notice, which you must present to the border official when entering Sweden.