Retaining Swedish Citizenship after 22

You lose your Swedish citizenship when you turn 22 through statutory limitation if you are a Swedish citizen who (1) was born outside of Sweden, (2) has never lived in Sweden and (3) has not stayed in Sweden under circumstances indicating an attachment to the country.

If you were born abroad and are still living abroad, to avoid losing your Swedish citizenship, you can apply to keep it. You must do so after you have turned 18 but before turning 22.

You do not need to file an application if you have lived in Sweden during any period of your life, or if you visit Sweden regularly. However, may  be useful to do so even if you have visited regularly as this certificate of retention of citizenship may be necessary to present in connection with future passport applications.

The application can be downloaded via the link on the right and should be submitted to the nearest Swedish embassy or consulate. If you are visiting Sweden, you can send your application directly to the Migration Agency in Norrköping.

> Read more at the Swedish Migration Agency's website.