Passport Alternatives for Swedes Abroad

Swedish nationals who reside abroad and who need a new passport or national identity card can also choose to apply for new douments while visiting Sweden.

This is the quickest and cheapest way of obtaining a passport/national ID card.You may contact any passport office in Sweden for further information - please see the website of the Swedish police:


Please note that you are required to present the same documents when renewing your passport/ID card in Sweden as you would in the U.S., e.g. naturalization certificate in original for dual citizens, birth certificate for minor applicants as well as marriage certificate for parents of minor applicants, green cards, etc.

Normally, you can pick up a new passport or natiopnal identity card within a week in Sweden. It is also possible to request to pick up your new passport or identity card at an embassy or consulate abroad, although this takes longer time and involves an additional distribution fee.