Swedish Media

Sweden is a nation of newspaper and magazine readers.

Nearly 90 per cent of adults in the country of nine million read at least one newspaper a day, putting Sweden near the top of worldwide print media consumption statistics.

Metro, the largest and fastest growing international newspaper in the world was launched in Sweden in 1995.

Most Swedish newspapers and media sources are available online, in Swedish. A few also offer news summaries in English. Please click on the links below.

Daily Newspapers:

> Svenska Dagbladet
> Dagens Nyheter
> Göteborgsposten
> Sydsvenska Dagbladet
> Dagens Industri
> Aftonbladet
> Expressen

Other Media:

> Sverige Radio (Radio Sweden)
> Radio Sweden - in English
> Sveriges Television (Swedish Television)
> TV4

Swedish-American Newspapers:

> Nordstjernan
> Swedish Press
> Nordic Reach
> Currents (SACC USA magazine)