About the Consulate General

The honorary Consulate General of Sweden opened in January 2010, following the closing of the former Consulate General in December 2009. The Consulate provides assistance in consular matters as well as conducts promotion of Swedish interests in the New York area. 

The Honorary Consul General of Sweden in New York is David E. R. Dangoor. The Consulate reports to the Embassy in Washington DC, and its jurisdiction includes the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Consular Assistance
The Consulate provides assistance in wide range of consular matters, including passports, visas, residence permits and applications for coordination numbers. The Consulate also provides assistance to Swedes in case of an emergency.

Cultural, Commercial and Public Affairs
The Consulate conducts cultural, commercial and public affairs, including coordination and support of events to showcase Swedish culture and promote Swedish interests in the New York area. The Consulate also provides information about Sweden to the public and media, and facilitates exchange between organizations, companies and institutions in Sweden and the U.S.

Social Media
To stay informed of Swedish activities and events in the New York area, join the Consulate on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: 

> www.facebook.com/swedennewyork
> www.twitter.com/swedennewyork and www.twitter.com/swedennybiz
> www.linkedin.com/company/swedennewyork

See here for photos from the Consulate's event and activities: www.flickr.com/swedennewyork 

Be included in the Consulate's cultural mailing list by emailing newyork@consulateofsweden.org with "Mailing List" in the subject line.