Sweden's cooperation with Somalia

Sweden’s engagement with Somalia, while dating back to the 1980s, has increased substantially during the last years. The most recent positive developments in Somalia, including the installation of the new Federal Government in Mogadishu during 2012, are important factors for the Swedish cooperation with Somalia. Sweden’s presence in Mogadishu is increasing and, since April 2013, Sweden has an Ambassador accredited to Somalia.

 In 2012, Swedish total assistance to Somalia amounted to approximately SEK 288 million (USD 41 million), out of which a little more than half was channeled as humanitarian aid.

In June 2013 the Swedish Government decided on a new results strategy for Somalia 2013-2017. The main areas in the strategy are; human security and livelihood, health and gender equality, and democracy and human rights. The Swedish support will be aligned to the “New Deal” framework for fragile and conflict affected states.