Sweden Kenya 50 years of Friendship and Cooperation

  • #5 Olivecrona__photo1

    Ms Ann Olivecrona with chimpanzees. Photo: Tim Freccia.

  • #8 Back and Mburu__photo1

    Mr. Chris Mburu holding hands with Ms. Hilde Back. Photo: Hilde Back Education Fund.

  • #4 Ahlberg _ photo1

    Ms Beth Maina Ahlberg and grandson. Photo: David Nilsson

  • Robert Rudin1 (Photo by Perry Munga)

    Mr. Robert Rudin, Managing Director, Sub-Saharan Africa – Ericsson Kenya. Photo: Perry Munga.

  • #6 Kiara__photo1

    Mr Japhet Kiara Photo: Mike Pflanz

  • #3 Mutunga _ photo1

    Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga Photo: Joseph Kariuki, Kenyareporter.

  • #6 Wirseen__photo2

    Ms Camilla Wirseen and Ms Anne Ndunge, Peepoople, in Kibera. Photo: Maria Berndtsson.

  • #7 Go¦êransson__photo1

    Mr Bo Göransson. Photo: Cecilia Bäcklander.

Grattis Kenya! Pongezi Sweden! 2014 marked 50 years of diplomatic relations. Of course, our relationship goes back further than that, with contacts established in the beginning of the 20th century, when the first Swedish companies, explorers, scientists and missionaries came to Kenya.

The diplomatic relations have to a large extent focused on development cooperation. Over the years, we have worked together in areas such as democratic governance, human rights, natural resources, environment and urban development. Development cooperation will continue to play a big role in our relations, but at the same time, our bilateral relations increasingly focus on trade and investments with more Swedish companies setting up facilities in Kenya. In a recent business survey the vast majority of Swedish companies in Kenya agreed that their outlook for operations in Kenya were very bright.

Under this special webpage, “Sweden Kenya 50 years of Friendship and Cooperation”, we will publish articles with interviews with Kenyans and Swedes. (Links to the right). They come from all walks of life, but what they have in common is that they represent the special bond between Kenya and Sweden. These are intriguing and heartwarming stories about cooperation between Sweden and Kenya today and during the last 50 years, professional endeavors and personal adventures. These articles as well as photos taken by the well known photographer James Muriuki will also be published in an anniversary book to be launched in the beginning of June.

Commemorating 50 years of relations give us a good reason to reflect on what we have achieved together, as countries, institutions, businesses and individuals. I hope that these articles will trigger more such reflections. I am confident that Swedish - Kenyan cooperation will continue to deepen and strengthen in the next 50 years.

Happy reading!

Johan Borgstam,
Swedish Ambassador to Kenya