Inauguration of the new visa application center in Nairobi

Since the visa application center opened in Nairobi two months ago, the average processing time for visa applications fell from just over 5 days to almost 3 days. On Thursday, March 24, it was time for the inauguration at the VFS Kenya Ltd office, the company that the Embassy has contracted to receive applications for visas to Sweden. During the first two months, over 120 applicants have used the service, instead of coming to the Embassy.

At the ceremony, H.E Ambassador Ann Dismorr said:

“Sweden is happy, as the first Schengen country in Nairobi, to introduce this new service. We hope more will follow. The number of Kenyans wanting to travel to Sweden is steadily increasing. With this service we are responding to the increased need for service to visa applicants. We also see this as a result of that ties between Kenya and Sweden through trade, development cooperation and tourism growing stronger”


Since January 24, 2011, the Embassy offers a new service for all who wish to apply for a visa for short visit to Sweden. Through an agreement with VFS Kenya Ltd., an application center in Parklands, we give all applicants an opportunity to apply for a visa, ask questions and get passports and forms five days a week (Monday - Friday) between the hours 8:00 and 15:00. VFS Kenya Ltd. also has a telephone line, where they answer questions and a web page with information about the application process.

This change is part of efforts to improve the Embassy’s service on migration issues. All decisions regarding visa are still taken by the Embassy.

For the service at the application center each applicant pay a service fee (2280 KES, which is around 19 Euro) in addition to the usual application fee for the visa (60 Euro).

Each applicant still has the right to submit their visa application directly to the Embassy, but these applications require a longer turnaround time (15 calendar days). This option is used by a smaller number of visa applicants every month. Usually this includes applicants who apply well ahead of their planned departure, and who do not mind waiting a little longer for the decision.

The Embassy also participates in the Swedish Migration Board’s efforts to develop new e-services for visa and residence permit. The services, which are expected to enter into force in late 2011, includes the ability to apply for a visa online and a system to book appointment for visits to the embassy.

In 2010 the Embassy received over 1400 applications for visas.

More information on how to apply for a visa.