High Swedish ambitions to become carbon neutral by 2045

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Sweden celebrated when the world leaders agreed in Paris in 2015 to enhance efforts to ensure the temperature increase stays well below two degrees. Starting 7 November, world leaders continue discussions in Bonn on how to move forward our joint commitment on combatting climate change and ensuring that the Paris Agreement is enforced. Sweden is of course participating.

Climate change affects everyone and is everyone’s business. Sweden takes this responsibility seriously and is one of the largest financial contributor  to both the Green Climate Fund and the Adaptation Fund, funds used to support governments in developing countries to address climate change. The Swedish parliament has also adopted an ambitious and progressive act coming into force on 1 January 2018 which states that Sweden shall have zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2045. Modes are already put in place to ensure the implementation of this act which will make Sweden carbon neutral and one of the first fossil-free countries in the world.


At the Swedish embassy in Nairobi, we want to contribute to raising awareness and leading by example. That is why we have initiated a project to green the embassy. Our staff will have the possibility of using one of the Embassy bikes for meetings in the vicinity, instead of using the car. We are mapping our carbon footprint to see where we can reduce it and how we can compensate for the emissions we can’t avoid. New routines are put in place to ensure among other things that we reduce the electricity used and that our cars are as resource efficient as possible. The staff is encouraged to print less. The Embassy and its staff will also start sorting our waste better to encourage more reuse and improved recycling. We will continue to keep you informed about our progress.


If you want to challenge yourself to also live more sustainably, please join the 7 Day Challenge initiated by the Swedish Institute and organized by Green Teams Initiative. More information on www.greenteamskenya.com/sustainability-challenge/.