Business Opportunities

Are you looking for business opportunities in Mozambique? Here are the most important institutions that can assist you:

CPI - Investment Promotion Centre

The Investment Promotion Centre has the mandate to promote and facilitate national and foreign investment in Mozambique. 

CTA – Confederation of Business Associations in Mozambique

CTA has 64 associated members. Since its establishment in 1997 the CTA has become an umbrella organization that advocates for business-friendly policies. providing services to the various private sector associations in the country.

Sida support to CTA focuses on capacity building and on a private-public partnership, but also on capacity building for CACM (Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation Centre).

Malonda/Niassa Resource Centre

If you are looking for further information on investments and business opportunities in the province of Niassa, please contact Malonda Foundation which provides services and advise to national and international investors.

Other institutions of interest

To the right is a list of institutions in Mozambique that may be of interest when identifying suppliers, buyers or sectors for investment.