Visiting relatives and friends – extra documents

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If you apply for a visa to visit relatives and friends, you need the documents listed below.

The documents you want to support your statements with, are to be handed in as copies, and you should bring the original for comparison.


  • A completed and signed application form no. 119031, Application for Schengen Visa.
  • A passport or some other valid travel document.
    This must:
    - be valid for at least three months after your departure from the Schengen area
    - contain at least two empty pages
    - have been issued during the past ten years.
  • One passport size photo with a light background, taken straight from the front and not older than six months.
  • Application fee, unless exempted.

 If the above documents are not submitted, the application will not be taken up for examination. 

Should be included in the application

Previous passports, and copies of the personal information page, as well as previous travel experience

  • Invitation form, no. 241011. For applicants wishing to travel to Norway (Norwegian Directorate of Immigration), Denmark (Danish Immigration Services), France (Commune), Belgium (Municipality) or the Netherlands (Town Council), a Guarantee or invitation form relevant to the respective country must be submitted to the Embassy (see in brackets above where the respective forms are issued). Please note: the Guarantee form for France needs to be submitted to the Embassy in original.
  • Id/passport/residents permit of referent/host
  • Latest three months current account bank statements of whoever is paying for travel and upkeep showing a positive balance - please ensure that the closing balance is not older than 1 week as of the date of submission
  • Flight booking
  • Insurance 
  • Document proving employment
  • Marriage certificate, and copy of it
  • Birth certificate of children, and copy of it
  • Confirmation letter in original (in English) from your emplyer/sponsor; stating salary, applicant's current employment/work and date when joining the company, the dates of approved leave, and stating the purpose of the visit. The letter should be signed bythe authorized person to sign such letters, name and position stated of the signer.
  • Original company trade license and one copy of it (if the applicant is the owner of the company)
  • Hotel reservation
  • Personal bank statement (bank history of at least 3 months) 
  • Unemployed/retired: If not receiving benefits, a cover letter explaining the applicant's financial situation must be provided

If the above documents are not submitted, the handling time could be delayed due to request to submit additional information