Impressive work and progress in Chikankata

  • Mr Mwanza (size rev)

    This is Mr Mwanza, in charge of this health post in Cheebe. His colleagues are all volunteers, i.e. not paid by the ministry but they work! Appr 20 patients/day Photo: David Wiking

  • Mother's shelter (Size rev)

    Mothers Shelter Photo: David Wiking

  • Chikankata (size rev)

    Chikankata Photo: David Wiking

Last week our Chargé d’affaires David Wiking travelled to Chikankata. These are some of his words after the visit:

“So, back from Chikankata. A district of 77' ppl but "only" two maternal death last year, this year none so far. 100% under 1 year immunization, 67% of women receiving postnatal care visit within 6 days from delivery, 67% of deliveries by skilled personnel (i.e. Midwife or doctor, slightly more than 70% of deliveries at medical facility) and so forth. This puts the district in the top among districts we support. Some of the factors behind this that we discussed today, included: ability and interest in learning, support from Maryland university in data collection and monitoring, relative proximity to Lusaka (district starts 75 km from Lusaka) which makes it easier to employ and retain staff. Possibly also leadership (we've seen that elsewhere but difficult to assess that aspect today). Energizing!”