August Strindberg commemorated in 2012

In the year 2012, August Strindberg has been dead for 100 years. This is commemorated all over the world. Being one of the most known Swedish writers, his books and plays both show the society over a hundred years ago, but the topics are just as valid today as they were then.

His novels and plays might be the most known, but August Strindberg was a multi-talent. His painting are just as expressive as hiw written words. Having a turbulent life as well as lifestyle, Strindberg moved around Europe but always kept Stockholm at his center of attention. More information about the personality of Strindberg and his works can be read on, including a fact sheet for print. In addition, there is a special webpage about Strindberg as the king of drama.

"Ett halvt ark papper", or rather "Half a Sheet of Foolscap" in its translation to English, has been dubbed the best novel ever. The City of Stockholm therefore presents an interactive website, where you can read and listen to the English version of the novel as well as see a short film about the life of Strindberg with English subtitles.

Radio Sweden has also produced an informative feature on Strindberg.

For those visiting Sweden, the website details events that are taking place.