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Changes to the Swedish passport law from 15 April 2016
For further information please see our page
Passlagen ändras (in Swedish only)

Applying for a passport in Sweden
It is cheaper and faster. Normal processing time is a week and the fee for an ordinary passport is SEK 350 and for an ID-card SEK 400.
 - Apply for your passport in Sweden and collect it in the UK. 
 - If you collect your new passport at the Embassy/Consulate in the UK, there is an additional fee of SEK 150, equivalent to £13, payable when you collect.
 - If you came to the UK before 1998 you need a Letter of Non-acquisition of British citizenship. You only need to apply once See under Please note 
 - Always contact the relevant Swedish passport office before you apply for information on opening hours, which documents you need and if you need to book an appointment. Swedish Police

Applying at the Embassy in London

Book an appointment
 Bookings are made online only 
 - When you have booked your appointment you will receive and e mail  Save the mail – without the reference number and link you will not be able to cancel/rebook your appointment.
 - If you need multiple appointments you must book several separate slots.
 - Available appointments are shown as a blue square.  
Book appointment

To accept your application we need the following.

  • A completed application form. 
  • A booked appointment.
  • Your previous passport. If your passport is not valid/lost/stolen also bring a valid photo id (Swedish National ID, Drivers license)
  • If you do not have a valid photo ID bring one of the following with a valid photo ID to identify you. Relative, husband/wife, partner, parent, child over 18, sibling over 18.  
  • A police report if your passport has been lost or stolen
  • Your birth certificate with names of both parents. -If you have never been a resident of Sweden, 
  • A Letter of Non-Acquisition of British Citizenship if you came to the UK before 1998. See further down on how to apply.

 - The fee for an ordinary passport is SEK 1 400, equivalent to £125 and must be paid when you apply for your passport. You can pay by card/cash. Card payment preferred. We do not accept cheques.
 - If you wish to collect your passport at a Swedish Consulate in the UK, there is a postage fee of £8, payable to the Embassy and an additional fee of £13, payable to the Consulate when you collect your new passport.
 - Fees for passports/ID cards might vary from time to time due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

Processing time and Collection
 - The processing time is normally about 2 weeks 
 - You must collect your passport in person at the Embassy/ Consulate. 
 - Bring your current passport when you collect your new one. If your current passport is out of date bring another valid photo ID. 
 - The passport must be collected within three months or it will be invalidated and the fee forfeited.
 - There is no need to book an appointment to collect your passport but you must come during the opening hours of the passport section.

Opening hours and contact details

Please note
Letter of Non-Acquisition of British Citizenship
If you came to the UK before 1 January 1998, you need to submit a letter of - Non-Acquisition of British Citizenship when you apply for, or renew a Swedish passport/ID-card. You only need to apply for a letter of Non-Acquisition of British Citizenship once
 - The above does not apply if you obtained your British citizenship automatically through one of your parents.
Fill in the application form
Fill in the payment form.
The cost is under – Other – in the list
 - Send application and payment with recorded delivery to:
Department 101, UK Visas and Immigration, The Capital, New Hall Place,
Liverpool, L3 9PP

An alternative to Letter of Non-Acquisition of British Citizenship is an
EU Residence Card

Swedish Nationals who have lived in the the Republic of Ireland before 1998 should contact: INIS Department of Justice, Euality & Law Reform, HeffernaN House, Dundrum Road, Tipperary Town.
Tel:062 325 00 Lo Call 1890 252 854

We take biometric photos and fingerprints at the Embassy as part of the application process

Passports are issued according to the information available in the Swedish Population Register. 

You can renew your passport at any time during it's validity and also once it has expired.

If you are a Swedish citizen, born abroad and have never lived in Sweden you have to prove your association with Sweden some time between the ages of 18 and 22 in order to retain your Swedish citizenship. Contact the passport section at the Embassy for further information.