Passport/ID no/Reg child

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Swedish passports and national ID cards are biometric, They contain a chip with details about the bearer, a digital photo and fingerprints. ( National ID cards do not have fingerprints). Children under 6 and applicants permanently unable to give fingerprints are exempt.

The details in your passport/national ID card are based on the information in the Swedish Population Register. It is therefore important that you check that your details are correct in good time before you apply. See the websites of the
The Swedish Tax Agency
The Swedish Police

For applicants under 22 years of age there are specific regulations regarding citizenship and validity of passport.
Find out more on the website of the
Swedish Migration Board

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Apply/ renew your passport in Sweden

Your application is forwarded electronically to the passport section of the Swedish police. They in turn forward the application to AB Swedish Passports for printing. You passport will then be sent to a passport office in Sweden or an Embassy abroad where you will be able to collect it.