STRUCTURED MAGIC - an exhibition beyond exhibitions

Through a multidisciplinary series of work, six artists create an immersive and engaging experience.

Their collective aim is to create alternative spaces and to explore unusual ways of occupying existing ones. Playing with the idea of subverting the prevailing zeitgeist, or conjuring ways to escape it, is at the heart of our inquiry. An important aspect of the show will be site specific, responding to the unique character of the space. And in doing so they will work in a collaborative way with the physical space as well as with the ethos and approach of the gallery.

The Structure of Magic is a psychotherapeutic term, which involves offering new models of being in an imaginary context. This is a method intended to transform a person’s perception of the world and their place in it, on a fundamental level - literally expanding their reality, by demonstrating that there are always more choices than initially perceived. Hence making the invisible visible.

‘Fantasy is an expansive force in a person’s life – it reaches and stretches beyond the immediate people environment or event which may otherwise contain him… Sometimes these extensions (fantasy) can gather such great force and poignancy that they achieve a presence which is more compelling than some real-life situations…’ (Polster & Polster, Gestalt Therapy Integrated, 1973)’

Artists and performers include:
Kim Thornton, Ola Leander, Robina Doxi, David Wood, Sejal Parekh and Leonie Cronin.
Curated by Robina Doxi.

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Structured Magic

At Hoxton Basement Gallery
12-18 Hoxton Street