Johannes Anyuru at Bradford Literature Festival

Johannes Anyuru is a  highly acclaimed Swedish poet, novelist and playwright. Meet him in two events at Bradford Literature Festival. 

He made his debut in 2003 with the collection of poems Only The Gods Are New.  His latest highly anticipated novel De kommer att drunkna i sina mödrars tårar/The Rabbit Yard (2017) enjoyed immense success in Sweden and went straight to the top of the critics’ lists.

Playing with Language on Friday 30th June
Johannes Anyuru, Deborah Smith, Han Yujoo with Boyd Tonkin

It goes without saying that an understanding of language is essential for any writer, but to be a translator, whose job it is to make literature accessible worldwide, requires a mastery of language that is oft-overlooked. Translating a work of fiction or poetry is about so much more than just converting the words to a different language. In order to truly capture the essence of the original, the translator must have a deep understanding of the nuances of both the initial text, and the language they are translating it into

Writing Radicalisation on Saturday 1 July
Johannes Anyuru, Tabish Khair, Tariq Mehmood with Claire Chambers

Global fragmentation and the search for identity are reshaping the world. The last century has seen increasing waves of migration, often driven by the economics of wealth or war. The struggle to console country, culture andidentity can be seen is all its urgency and complexity in the lives of migrants, and clashes between these competing influences can turn some people towards extreme ideologies in the hope of finding simple solutions to complex problems.

Join three writers as they discuss the themes of migration and radicalisation that lie at the heart of their new books and demonstrate how it is possible, and even imperative, to address these issues on the page