Friday Lunch Oddjob Jazzoo

Go on a journey into a jazzy animal world with this interactive music performance from one of Sweden's highest ranked jazz groups.

Oddjob has taken to spreading jazz to younger audiences, with their album Jazzoo which took Sweden by storm in 2013 and for which they were awarded the Swedish Grammy for Best Children’s Album of the Year.

Jazzoo’s music and enclosed pamphlet tells the candid stories of animals in the wild, with illustrations by British illustrator Ben Javens. The original Swedish text has since been translated into languages including English, German and French.

Southbank Centre

As Oddjob take the stage with Jazzoo,
they are accompanied by VJ Helene Berg who brings Javen’s drawings to life in
an interactive projection show.

Daniel Karlsson piano

Goran Kajfes trumpet

Lars Skoglund drums

Per Johansson saxophone

Peter Forss bass

Helene Berg animation