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The Swedish Embassy in London's task is to represent Sweden and the Swedish government in the UK and to promote Swedish interests.

The Embassy do this by having a continuous dialogue with British representatives, for example regarding cooperation within the EU and through information and collaboration with the cultural and defence sectors as well as with industry, public authorities and other organisations.

The Embassy handles a large number of applications for Swedish passports, registrations of children and newborns, visas and other consular and official matters.

Some twenty seven persons work at the Embassy. Ambassador Torbjörn Sohlström is Head of Mission. We have a Cultural Counsellor, a Defence Attaché, diplomatic and locally employed staff. Three posts are funded by other Swedish Ministries or Public Authorities.

There are also a number of Swedish Consulates acting on behalf of the Embassy throughout the UK.

The Embassy has close contact with other Swedish organisations in the UK such as Business Sweden, Visit Sweden, the Swedish church and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Cultural Affairs

The Embassy's Cultural Affairs section aims to promote Swedish Culture in the UK and to forge links between Britain and Sweden. The section work in partnership with British cultural institutions and organsations to present a great variety of arts and culture events, exhibitions, debates etc. Press and information also sort under this section.

The Anglo Swedish Literary Foundation promotes and offers support for translation of Swedish literature. See the link for further details about the foundation's work and the Bernard Shaw Translation Prize.

The Swedish Arts Council - grants
The Swedish-English Literary Translator's Association (SELTA)
Confederation of Scandianvian Societies

The Defence Department

The departement's main task is to support the Swedish – British military relations in various areas. The Defence Department also covers military bilateral cooperation with the Republic of Ireland as well as deals with diplomatic clearances such as clearance for Swedish military personnel visits to the UK or permission for Swedish military airplanes/vessels to enter British territory.

The Defence Department of the Embassy is led by the Defence Attaché who has four main tasks:

  • To function as liaison hub between the Swedish Armed Forces and the UK Armed Forces
  • To report on the United Kingdom’s defence policy to the relevant Swedish authorities
  • To support the Swedish defence industry
  • To advise the Ambassador of Sweden and provide him with expertise in all defence-related issues

Sweden's Ministry of Defence
Sweden's Armed Forces
Sweden's National Defence College
Sweden's Defence Material Administration
Sweden's Defence Research Agency
Sweden's Agency for Non-Proliferation and Export Controls