Applying for a visa

If you want to visit Sweden and are a citizen of a country outside the EU, you may need a visa.


You submit your application documents in person at one of the VFS Global Visa Applications Centres throughout Ukraine or at the Swedish Embassy in Kyiv. If you wish to submit your application at the Embassy, you need to make an appointment via VFS Global Online booking or phone numbers (+38) 044 594 96 23 or (+38) 050 323 85 93. If you want to apply at one of the VFS Global centers, you don't need to make an appointment beforehand. However, to make an appointment is always free of charge.

VFS Global charge a fee of 22,3 euro per application (over and above the visa fee) for their services. Visa applications can be submitted in the following cities in Ukraine:

Kyiv, 1a Sportyvna Square (shopping mall Gulliver)

Lviv, 7b Pid Dubom str., Shopping Centre Forum, 2nd floor

Odessa, 22 Kanatna Street

Donetsk, 4A Leninskii Avenue Temporarily closed

Kharkiv, 7 Heroyiv Pratsi Street

Dnipro, 22 Karla Marksa Avenue, Business Centre “Atrium” , 2nd floor

Specific info on VFS Global's services can be found here:

There is a limited possibility to hand in your visa application at the Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv. However, you have to make an appointment in advance via VFS Global, online booking, phone numbers (+38) 044 594 96 23 or (+38) 050 323 85 93.

 Official delegations
Official delegations of maximum 5 persons that have an invitation from the Swedish Parliament, Swedish Government Offices or Swedish ministries or are a part of a state visit should contact the Embassy directly via

Special information regarding visa applications from non-Ukrainian citizens.
If the applicant is not a Ukrainian citizen but is living in Ukraine, a certificate of registration and a copy of this, has to be presented when the application is submitted. The processing of a visa application is generally 15 days after a complete application is submitted, as the 10-day-limit of the visa facilitation agreement only applies to Ukrainian citizens.
For information about other documents needed, look under the relevant category.
For fees, click here.

Avoid other people selling services
Please note that the Embassy in Kyiv only cooperates with VFS Global. The Embassy has nothing to do with sellers outside the premises of the Embassy or the VFS Global Visa Application Centres who offer services for payment. No sellers can influence either the processing period or the decision.
Ensure your safety when going abroad
Learn about your rights when studying, working, travelling or living abroad:
* Have you encountered a fraud in the sphere of employment abroad?
* Do you have doubts about scrupulosity or legality of an intermediary?
* Have you suffered from labour exploitation abroad?
Please contact the National Migrant Advice and Counter-Trafficking hotline: 527 - toll-free from mobile phones in Ukraine (Mon-Fri 10 a.m. - 9 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.).
Information published on the website, managed by the International Organization for Migration, IOM.
Information on Internet scams
The Embassy regularly receives phone calls and e-mails from people living in Sweden who have become victims of online scams with Ukrainian citizens involved. It is common that new online acquaintances from Ukraine demand large sums of money to be transferred to them in order for them to pay a high, made up visa fee as a way to come visit Sweden. Sometimes the scammers use a travel agency as an intermediary. As soon as the money has been transferred, the recipient breaks the contact. The scammers’ methods have become more and more developed, and it is usually very hard to determine which intentions the new online acquaintances might have.
The Embassy strongly advises against transferring money to persons whom one has never met in real life. Our experience tells us that the chances of getting reimbursed for the transferred money are minimal. Furthermore, the Embassy has no possibility to assist in these matters.
Current visa fees are available here.