In the event of an emergency situation

In the event of an emergency situation, the Embassy of Sweden in Rwanda assists Swedish citizens and their immediate family, Swedish residents, and Nordic citizens.

During the course of a possible crisis situation, information to the public will be continuously updated at the embassy's website. Citizens are also encouraged to stay in contact with their relatives themselves.

In the case of evacuation, the Swedish embassy is responsible for planning the evacuation of Swedish citizens who wish to evacuate. The Belgian embassy in Kigali is responsible for carrying out evacuation of all EU citizens.

Swedish citizens and their families residing in or visiting Rwanda for a longer period of time are welcome to register to the embassy. The register is for contingency purposes. It is completely voluntary to leave this information at the embassy. The link to the registration page in Swedish can be found to the right.

The register over Swedish citizens is a public document meaning that the embassy cannot promise that information handed to the embassy will not be given out, should there be such a request.

Nordic citizens residing in Rwanda or visiting the country for a longer period of time are also encouraged to register at the Swedish embassy directly. They might also choose to register at their national embassy covering Rwanda (located in Kampala for Danish and Norwegian citizens and in Dar es Salaam for Finish citizens). The registration will then be communicated to the Swedish embassy in Kigali.

It is always the responsibility of the individual to take proper precautions to ensure ones own safety while staying in Rwanda, to hold a suitable travel insurance and to observe normal cautiousness.

Emergency contact number to the Swedish embassy in Kigali: (+250) 252597400.