Swedish Development Cooperation with Rwanda

The current strategy for Sweden’s development cooperation with Rwanda stretches across the period 2015-2019.

The overarching objective for Swedish development cooperation with Rwanda is to contribute to a structural transformation of the Rwandan economy that will enable people living in poverty to access opportunities for improved livelihoods. Development cooperation will focus on improved democracy, gender equality and a greater respect for human rights, a better environment and enhanced resilience to environmental impact and climate change, strengthened conditions for peace and reconciliation, and market development. In addition, support will be given to strengthen domestic research capacity.

The point of departure for Swedish development cooperation is Rwanda’s own strategic priorities and poverty reduction strategy, as well as Sweden’s Policy for Global Development and the Government’s three thematic priorities for development cooperation, democracy and human rights, environment and climate change, and gender equality and women’s role in development. Rwanda’s role for peace and security in the region is also an important premise for development cooperation. The choice of direction is also based on experiences of previous cooperation, Sweden’s comparative advantages and other donors’ commitments. Past experiences show that the country has the capacity to absorb and make use of international development assistance effectively, and the results of Swedish support are generally positive.

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