Update: Demonstrations in Khartoum

Large demonstrations have today taken place outside the embassies of Germany and the United States of America in Khartoum. After the Friday prayer, an estimated 8,000 demonstrators proceeded from Khartoum Great Mosque to the Germany Embassy and attacked it. Demonstrators were dispersed by the police. Demonstrations have continued throughout the afternoon outside the US Embassy in Soba.

The demonstrations are the result of the German Constitutional Court's decision to allow cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed to be displayed in public demonstrations. Further, demonstrators are protesting against a film, produced in the US, which is considered insulting to the Prophet.The same film has already led to violent attacks on the American embassies in Benghazi and Kairo.  

Given the past days' demonstrations, which have targeted Western embassies specifically, the Embassy of Sweden urges that all Swedish citizens remain alert, particularly in the vicinity of the affected embassies. Particular care must the taken near large crowds of people and at the time of Friday prayers. Swedish citizens and visitors to Sudan must keep themselves informed of the current security situation.

The Embassy of Sweden in Khartoum is carefully monitoring the political and security situation, and will adjust the travel recommendations for the Swedish citizens (UD:s reseinformation) as necessary.