You pay a fee for your work permit application. The money is not refunded if your application is rejected.

Fee for work permit application

Work permit application: UGX 860 000 (SEK 2 000) 

Application for your family

Adults: UGX 430 000 (SEK 1 000)
Children under 18: UGX 210 000 (SEK 500)


If you are applying online, you pay with a credit card or a bank card.

If you are applying on a paper form, the fee must be paid by the applicant to the Embassy account (9030006358003), at any Stanbic Bank Branch.

Applicants may collect payment slips at Stanbic Bank. Each applicant must fill out one slip where full name of the applicant should be clearly stated.

Once a payment has been made the pink return slip is to be submitted at the Embassy together with the application.

Special fees for certain occupations

For some occupations, special fees are required. These are: artists, au pairs, visiting researchers, athletes and coaches. They pay UGX 430 000 (SEK 1 000). 

If the employer pays

If the employer wants to pay the application fee, and you have not applied online, the fee is to be paid as described above.