The Swedish Research Cooperation with Uganda

  • Makerere Agreement nov 2015

    Research Agreement Photo: Anna-Maria Olsson

New five year agreement 2015-2020. On November 3rd, 2015, the Swedish government renewed a 5-year research collaboration agreement with the Government of Uganda. The aim is to strengthen research capacity at five public universities in Uganda in cooperation with eleven universities in Sweden.

The 32M USD (275mSEK) support encompasses Makerere University, Kyambogo University, Busitema University, Gulu University and Mbarara University of Science and Technology. The Swedish Research Cooperation with Uganda was initiated in 2000 and amounts, including the new agreement, to 98M USD (800mSEK). Its main objective has been to enhance the capacity of public higher education  institutions to conduct and sustain high quality research that will contribute to the development needs of Uganda and beyond, through building a critical mass of independent researchers.

The agreement shall fund 125 PhD students147 MA students, and 65 post-doc fellows over five years, all staff at the five program Ugandan universities. It also includes program coordination and institutional support (scientific equipment, library support, ICT, gender mainstreaming, university reform process, and graduate training quality assurance).

“Sweden and Uganda share the vision that strong national research capacity is a key driver for innovation and economic development. Long term commitment and a scientific cooperation on equal footing have been cornerstones of the Sweden-Uganda university cooperation. With the new bilateral agreement, Sweden’s total investment in Uganda’s higher education amounts to nearly 100 M USD” said Urban Andersson, Sweden’s Ambassador to Uganda, at the agreement signing ceremony.

The research collaboration is divided into 17 projects that cover all scientific areas, (natural and social sciences as well as humanities), and are based on the Makerere University Research Agenda and the Uganda National Development Plan.