The Embassy’s work on trade and investment promotion

One of the Embassy’s main priorities is to promote deeper and broader economic and commercial relations with Uganda. In accordance with this priority, the Embassy is actively working to promote Swedish business and industry by encouraging and stimulating trade and investment, assisting with government and public contacts and by providing information, support and advice to Swedish companies interested in the Ugandan market.

The Nordic Business Association in Uganda is a business platform that promotes trade, investments, finance & industry between Uganda and Nordic countries. NBA offers social networking and tailored business seminars for its members. NBA is a one-stop centre for new Nordic businesses entering the Ugandan market and proposes consultancy services and business development advice. NBA has organised several events together with the Nordic embassies in Uganda, such as business seminars and the Nordic-East Africa Trade Summit & Expo 2015.

A network of Swedish related companies has since 2010 been working for the objective of stimulating the Swedish-Ugandan business cooperation through trade, investment and service provision. In 2012 they constituted themselves as a private non for profit company, Swedish-Ugandan Business Association (SUBA). SUBA serves both as a forum for information sharing between participating companies, and as a source of information and
reference regarding business environment, trade and investment opportunities in Uganda.

The Embassy also support Ugandan exporters interested in the Swedish market, mainly by providing information on available opportunities and contacts for Ugandan companies in Sweden.

Private sector development, improved business and investment climate and increased international trade are important objectives for the Swedish development cooperation with Uganda. One initiative in this area is the Embassy’s agreement with TradeMark East Africa whose overall aim is to reduce trade barriers and increase economic integration among East African countries. The objective is to encourage competitiveness in their economies. Work is in progress, for example, to shorten lead times between the Kenyan and Rwandan borders.

Another interesting example is the Embassy’s project with National Organic Agriculture Movement of Uganda (NOGAMU). The project is expected to result in over 30,000 smallholder farmers mobilised and linked to national and international markets, 40% of them being women and youth. Uganda has the second largest number of organic producers in the world. These farmers are spread across Uganda and are working to take advantage of the higher prices and quality of organic products to, amongst other things, increase their household income and food security.

The Embassy of Sweden also works with the private sector, which plays a crucial role for development. For more information about private sector cooperation, please visit page.