Areas of Cooperation

1: Strengthened democracy, improved gender equality and greater respect for human rights

  • Strengthened, more transparent and democratically governed public Palestinian institutions
  • Greater freedom of expression, including free and independent media
  • More effective accountability mechanisms, including a more viable and pluralistic civil society
  • Increased political influence and greater enjoyment of human rights for women and children
  • Improved conditions for the provision of basic health services

2: Improved Environment and greater resilience to environmental change, climate impacts and disasters

  • Increased access to clean water and sanitation
  • Safer waste management
  • Strengthened capacity of local public institutions and civil society actors to prevent and manage disasters, environmental risks and climate changes

3: Strengthened private sector development

  • Increased number of small business start-ups
  • Increased number of women runnung and involved in businesses
  • Increased knowledge and better service capacity at trade organisations and financial institutions
  • Improved conditions for local economic developments