Most people have to pay a fee when applying for a residence permit to move to a close relative in Sweden. The fee will not be refunded if your application is rejected.

Application fees for residence permits  - family connection

Adults: IDR 2 450 000 (SEK 1 500)
Children under 18: IDR 1 250 000 (SEK 750)

How to pay 

If you are applying online, you pay with a credit card or a bank card on the web.

If you are applying on a paper form, you must pay the application fee before visiting the embassy. The payment should be made through the Embassy's account:

PT Bank ANZ Indonesia
ANZ Tower, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 33-A
Jakarta 10220 - Indonesia
Account No. : 4033 6001 00012

Beneficiary : Embassy of Sweden

Attach the proof of payment to the application.



The following persons can apply for a residence permit without having to pay a fee:

  • Husbands, wives, registered partners or common-law spouses (cohabitees) and children under the age of 18 who are applying for a residence permit on the grounds of family ties to a foreign citizen who has received a residence permit as a refugee, as a person in need of protection or due to particularly distressing circumstances. Parents and siblings of children in need of protection and living in Sweden are not covered by the exemptions.
  • Family members of EU/EEA citizens. (Please note that Swedes do not count as EU citizens in this context.)
  • EU/EEA citizens
  • Citizens of Switzerland and their family members
  • Citizens of Japan.