You pay a fee for your residence permit application. The money is not refunded if your application is rejected.

Fee for residence permits for studies

Adults:  IDR  1 600 000 (SEK 1000)
Children under 18: IDR 850 000 (SEK 500) 

Fee for family members

Adults: IDR 1 600 000  (SEK 1 000) 
Children under 18: IDR 850 000 (SEK 500)


If you are applying online, you pay with a credit card or a bank card.

The fee in Indonesian rupiah (IDR) is not a fixed amount, since the amount in IDR is affected by the exchange rates. Please call the Embassy switchboard +62 21 2553 5900 to double check the current administration fee.

The payment should be made through the Embassy's account in the PT Bank ANZ Indonesia:

PT Bank ANZ Indonesia
ANZ Tower, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 33-A
Jakarta 10220 - Indonesia
Account No. : 4033 6001 00012
Beneficiary : Embassy of Sweden

Attach the proof of payment to the application.

Note that the fee is for administrative costs and will not be returned in case of rejection.


Some people are not required to pay for their applications, including the following:

Study fees

You may also be required to pay a fee for your studies. This is decided by each respective university or university college. Contact the school concerned for information.