Indonesian talents find ideas to tackle food waste

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    Smart Living Challenge Photo: Embassy

The 2nd edition of Smart Living Challenge was arranged in Jakarta on May 23. This global innovation competition gathered 30 participants for a one day creative workshop on how to tackle food waste. The winning team submitted an idea of a food sharing application.

The idea behind Smart Living Challenge is to gather people with different backgrounds and let them work together with the aim of finding solutions to a smarter and more sustainable living.

“Innovation often happens when you mix people with different backgrounds and today we had a really interesting mix of people” said Paviter Singh, process leader for the workshop.
Among the participants were food waste startups, city officials, researchers, students, NGO-representatives and food bloggers, all engaged and motivated to make a change.

IKEA, one of the partners in this project arranged by the Swedish Embassy, called for ideas which are very simple and could improve people’s everyday life. Food waste is a major problem all over the world with one third of the food produced never consumed.  The average rubbish bin of a family consists of approximately 70 percent organic waste.

The participants were divided into four groups, and after inspirational talks of Edwin Permana, last year’s Smart Living Challenge winner with his project on water treatment, Arlisa Febriani, winner of the IKEA Blue Bag award for her ideas and Foodlap, a startup with several ideas for food waste treatment techniques, the brainstorming began.

BagiMak, a group that came with the idea of developing a food sharing application with the possibility to donate or share your left-overs was awarded the first prize from the jury.

“I would love to use this application. We often have great amount of leftovers after events or other, and it is not always we could find good use of it” said Johanna Brismar Skoog, Ambassador of Sweden to Indonesia, and part of the jury.

“We are so happy that the jury liked the idea, and so excited to have been part of this workshop. We will definitely meet up again and develop the concept further” said Lia Vania Dewi, participant of the winning group.


1. FOODCARE – A recipe book to get inspired to remake your leftover into inspiring dishes the next day. Possibility to develop into a database/digital application where you can enter what you have in your fridge and get a proposal for a yummy dish.
2. KRAKERS – A device to make rice crackers out of the burnt rice (kerak nasi) leftovers that always stay in the casserole/rice cooker and that otherwise will be wasted.
3. KEFIR – To use coconut water, wasted in the production of both coconut milk and fresh coconut juice, and turn it into a nutritious drink full of probiotics.
4. BAGIMAK – An application for sharing or donating left overs to other users. In cooperation with transportation companies for quick and easy distribution.

The SMART LIVING CHALLENGE  #SLC2015 was arranged by the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta in partnership with IKEA and with the generous support of the Swedish Institute, Munktell Science Park and Hyper Island.