Visa for visiting Sweden


In order to visit Sweden you may need an entry visa. An entry visa is a permit required by persons wishing to enter Sweden for a temporary visit, for example:

  • as a tourist
  • to visit relatives or friends
  • for business or to take part in a conference

Citizens from the following countries/territories require a visa when entering Sweden, check the list.

General information on how to apply for a visa is found below.

How long is a visa valid?

Schengen visas are granted for a maximum of 90 days.

Where is a visa valid?

An entry visa is normally valid in all the Schengen countries.

Where do I apply?

You application should be submitted to the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul or to the VFS Global (visa application center) after booking an appointment. For further information about how you will book an appointment for application, please click.

In countries where there is no Swedish diplomatic mission, Sweden is represented by another Schengen state. These countries are listed here.

How long is the processing time?

Processing time will be 4-15 working days depending on the season and workload. Please apply at least 15 days before your planned trip. Late applications may cause rejection of the application.

What if my application is turned down?

You have right to appeal against a rejection decision. Information about how you appeal is written in the decision.