Applying for passports abroad

Applying for a passport at a Swedish mission abroad

Ordinary passports and national ID cards

You can apply for an ordinary passport or a national ID card at police authorities in Sweden and most Swedish embassies abroad. Information is available at the Swedish Police and Embassy websites.

If you are not registered as resident in Sweden, you should contact the passport authority before visiting it to find out which documents are needed. If you have been living abroad since before 2002 you will usually have to produce documents showing that you have not lost your Swedish citizenship.

For people over 18 who already have a Swedish passport:

  • Show up in person
  • The old passport, valid or expired (if expired, valid photo ID). If your old passport was lost or stolen, please report this to a local police station and submit the report to your passport application.
  • If you are also Turkish citizen, a Nüfüs kagit örnegi. Turkish residence permit for Swedish citizens and third country nationals residing in Turkey. Third country nationals must also provide evidence of other foreign citizenships.
  • A completed "Data for assessment of Swedish Nationality" form (the form is found to the right on this web page) and we suggest that you fill it in before your appointment at the consulate.
  • Fee. Renewal of ordinary passport: SEK 1400 (TRY 630). Emergency passport SEK 1600 (TRY 720). Payments can be made by credit card or in cash.

Emergency passports

If you have lost your passport or if it has expired you can apply for an emergency passport at embassies and certain consulates. The emergency passport is usually issued for travel directly home to Sweden or your country of residence and is valid for a limited time. Please note that a Swedish A 4 format emergency passport is not valid for entry to Turkey but for transit in Turkey and leaving Turkey.

In Turkey you can apply for an emergency passport at the honorary consulates in Alanya, Antalya and Izmir.

You will need the following:

  • A completed passport application (the form is available at the consulate).
  • Two (2) identical photographs, 35x45 mm (not when applying in Istanbul) which must not be more than six months old at the time of application . The face should appear in the photo head on and looking straight at the camera, with a neutral expression and against a light, shadow-free background.
  • The old passport, if it has expired, or a photocopy of the passport (if possible) if it has been lost.
  • If the passport has been stolen or lost you must produce a police report and fill in a form about the loss (the form is available at the consulate).
  • A completed "Assessment of Swedish Nationality" form (the form is available online and we suggest that you fill it in before your appointment at the consulate)
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  • Valid photo ID to prove your identity.
  • If the applicant has no valid ID document, the form Affirmation of identity (available at the Consulate) must be filled in, either by a relative or by someone who knows the applicant well. A copy of this person's ID must also be enclosed.

For minors, in addition to the above, the following are also required:

  • A completed form giving the consent of the parents/guardians, signed by both parents/guardians, with both signatures witnessed. If the parents/guardians are in different places, they can complete one form each. The form is available at the consulate and can also be downloaded from the Swedish Police website.
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  • If the child only has one parent/guardian, this must be proved.
  • If the child was born abroad, a birth certificate showing both parents' names must be included.
  • Copies of both parents' passports/valid photo ID.
  • The child must come to the consulate accompanied by at least one parent/guardian.
  • Minors need only come to the consulate when the application is made. A parent/guardian may collect a passport for a child under the age of 18 and must then be able to prove their identity (valid passport or photo ID).

For all passport applications, the applicant must appear in person at the consulate. This also applies to children, including infants.

All documents must be produced in the original or an authenticated copy. Local documents must be certified by the Foreign Ministry or carry an Apostille from the appropriate local authority.

The application fee for an emergency passport is SEK 1 600, in the local currency. The fee must be paid when the application is submitted. Payments can be made by credit card or in cash.

Coordination number for children born abroad who have never previously had a passport and who have never been resident or registered in Sweden

Children born abroad who have never been resident in Sweden or registered in the Swedish population register must have a coordination number before a passport can be issued. Coordination numbers are issued by the Swedish Tax Agency upon application by the passport authority, usually in connection with the parents applying for the child's first passport. It usually takes about six weeks to obtain a coordination number.

A child automatically becomes a Swedish citizen if its mother or father is a  Swedish citizen. If only the father is a Swedish citizen and the child was born before 1 April 2015, a marriage certificate showing that the parents were married at the time of the child's birth must be presented.

To apply for a coordination number, the following documents are required:

  • A birth certificate showing both parents' names
  • A certificate of pregnancy or a birth record signed by the midwife/doctor/hospital where the child was born
  • A passport copy/valid photo ID for both parents
  • A Nüfüs kagit örnegi if the child is also a Turkish citizen. For foreign nationals in Turkey you can obtain a "Formül A" from Nüfus
  • The parents' marriage certificate, if they are married. This applies only for children born before 2015-04-01 and if only the father is a Swedish citizen
  • A completed name registration form (SKV 7750, available at the consulate or downloadable from the Swedish Tax Agency website), signed by both parents

Applications for coordination numbers are free of charge.